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Don't just own the album. OWN the album!

Instead of donating, Primate Fiasco fans are investing in the 2017 album with a 200% return. This is either the best or worst idea any band has ever had (since Kiss) but Primate fans are a loving breed. Wall Street is interested to see how this turns out.

UPDATE: You've done it. The album production is paid for by your shares.


Sales have ended for investment shares. We are still accepting donations and selling pre-order CDs. The Investment share project will continue in a future project.

Now limited to $100 in shares per person.

Options to simply donate or pre-order the CD here.


What you are buying is a share in the proceeds of the next Primate Fiasco album, making you a "share holder". You can invest any amount you want (multiples of $10). The more you invest, the more you will earn.

Here's the formula:

All shares will be added together and devided into a point system. If everyone raises $5,000, and you bought $50 worth of shares, you paid 1% of the album and your share is worth 1 point.

Once the album is released and earns the amount of the original load, the money will be returned to each share holder in full. Now that you've made your money back, the program switches to paying you a profit. Starting then, 50% of all CD sales will go to the band and 50% will get devided up into the point system and distributed to share holders. This payment will be processed every 6 months. Once the share holders have made 200% thier original investment, the program is completed.



You purchase a $10 share.
Everyone’s shares total $100
Your share would be 10%, therefor "10 points”
You get your $10 back when the album earns $100
The album earns another $100, you will get another $5
($100 / 2 = $50. 10% of $50 is $5)
This formula will be used to pay you every 6 months (until you make $20).

You purchase a $10 share
Everyone’s shares total $6,450
Your share would be 0.15 points.
You get your $10 back when the album earns $6450.
The album earns another $7,390 in 6 months and you earn another $5.54.
($7,390 / 2 = $3,695. .15% of $3,695 = $5.54)
This formula will be used to pay you every 6 months (until you make $20).

Shortly after the shares went on sale, the limit was set to 10 shares per person.

TL/DR: You gat back what you put in as soon as the album breaks even (should be quick). After that, the band splits the profits with you until you've made double what you put in.



How does an album make money?:
Most CDs are sold at concerts and online. Some are sold at record stores. The cost between $10-$20 and we make between $7 and $15 depending on store and website commissions. Sales increase when played on the radio. Sales also increase when the band is playing a lot of festivals and making special web and radio appearances.

Sales tax, merchant commissions, shipping, and any other embedded cost per CD sale will not be considered "profit". Profit is considered to be any money that the band actually receives from the sale. However, embedded production cost (studio, printing, etc) will not be deducted from what the share holder (you) gets. The band WILL NOT recoup production expenses before returning the amount of your purchase. The band will not profit until after you do.

How can you help increase your earning?
YOU as a fan and as a share holder can take action by:

  • requesting Primate Fiasco’s appearance at your favorite festival or venue. Contacting a fest via social media goes a long way.
  • Post your favorite tracks from the album on your own social media to help your friends discover Primate Fiasco music. Also post it on any page where you think people would like it. Show people what you're listening to.
  • Call your local radio station and request a particular song.

Believe it or not, this is how any band grows, with or without selling shares. You might already be doing this for free for your favorite bands. But this is your chance to officially be part of the success of a project that you believe in, instead of standing on the sidelines and wishing them well.

TL/DR: CD makes money because people buy it. You can help promote the CD and the band to get your money faster.



What is the risk?
It’s like a CSA farm share. If locusts or drought kill the crop, you get no veggies that year and you don’t get your money back. In the music world, the threat is different. The band could sell no albums, break up, go to jail, the economy collapses, a commit hits the Earth, etc. There is no legal guarantee that you will get one cent returned to you. In fact, this isn't even real stock. The album is not a publicly trading company. What you are actually doing is giving a private loan to the band and they are paying you back plus gifting you the proceeds as a thank you. If you think the band is a group of sketch balls who are going to take your money and run to South America, don't invest. If you think no one is going to buy the next album, don't invest.

If you are worried that too many people will donate and the band won't be able to pay it back, don't worry. The recording only needs between 5-10k and there are only 500 shares available. This will prevent your share from being too small of a portion.

And now that the disclaimer is over, here’s some historical facts about the Primate Fiasco to ease your mind. The band has been growing for 10 years and hasn’t broken up even under the heaviest of personal challenges and economic disasters. When they were just an itty bitty local band, they sold over 1000 hard copies of each of their previous CDs. Some CDS sold many more, not counting internet sales. One was nominated for a Grammy. All previous CDs are out of print and haven't sold past that point for deliberate reasons. These are small numbers compared to today’s Primate Fiasco. The band now tours a much larger area and plays for many for fans. The band has the attention of major festivals and radio stations that were not engaged during the previous albums. All logic would suggest that this album will sell 10 times as many and 10 times as fast as the earlier albums (and it still cost’s the same to produce). The band would only have to sell 1000 CDs for you to break even. On top of that, while previous albums had absolutely no PR efforts behind them, this album has you, and you have a big mouth.

TL/DR: There's no guarantee that you will get anything back. You only get a return if the album makes money. But given the history of the band, there's no reason to believe this won't happen easily.

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