Massachusetts Winter

Massachusetts Winter - New CD
The new album. It's a thing..

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Historians say this hasn't happened since the early days of Facebook and Youtube. But analysts now have proof that an actual human being is currently viewing a band's website. Likelihood of the reader navigating to other pages before finding the links in the top right corner is still speculative.


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Massachusetts Winter


  1. Astronauts
  2. Mary Towne Estey, 1692
  3. Steamfunk
  4. When I Paint My Masterpiece
  5. Because Summer
  6. Birds Are Bad Swimmers
  7. Louis CK, Bernie Sanders, and Aretha Franklin Racing on Giraffes through the Holyoke Mall on Black Friday.
  8. Little Arrow

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Primate pees on fan's sofa. Fan forgives..

The Primate Fiasco needs help in every town they play in. You can help get the word out, give them a place to crash, point them towards the best breakfast joint, etc.

Fill out the form and start getting on the guest list. You can also win festival tickets. Most importantly, you'll know that your city is on the Primate map because of you. Go you.


Kevin Sleeps

photo credit Dave Russo

No comment yet from any of the involved parties, but fans speculate, "he must have been tired". Cont pg 14...

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